Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of every successful SEO campaign. Our thorough keyword research process makes sure that we target the right keywords to give your website content the edge it needs to dominate the first page of Google.


What is Keyword Research?

The results of keyword research help you understand how your customers find you and your rivals and how they might find your website more frequently. We conduct keyword research to give strategic analysis and find profitable organic traffic opportunities for your company and website.

Our keyword research services enable your team to produce pertinent content around those topics, increase your chances of ranking in search results by strategically using keywords, and harness the power of SEO to learn what content your audience is actively seeking.

Your content marketing strategy might need a little spark, and our tried-and-true keyword research method is it. You can assess the current keyword rankings for your website, find new keyword opportunities, and group terms into topic clusters using our keyword research services.

Keyword Research Process

There are six steps involved in our keyword research. It starts with a comprehensive website review. Reviewing your website’s existing performance in keyword rankings and organic traffic is the first step in keyword research.

Next, we review the website and resources of your competitor. After examining your website, we compare it to three to five main search competitors based on keyword relevancy and overlap. After that, conducting a specific niche review to know your target audience is also essential. We perform industry research to find niche-specific keywords for your audience to ensure we get all the gaps.

Fourth, we optimize opportunity; we manually segment keywords after identifying all keywords and topics. We call it the segmentation stage.

Afterwards, go to the step of reporting, where we distribute all of the segmented Excel data along with PDF summaries highlighting keyword potential, trends, and themes.

Following dissemination findings, our consultant schedules a call to review the analysis, suggestions, and execution. This is the last and final stage of the keyword research process.


Professional Keyword Research Services

As SEO experts with years of experience running effective SEO campaigns, we know that in-depth keyword research is required to rank on page one. We conduct thorough keyword research to identify “action keywords” and “informational search queries,” We then develop a comprehensive content strategy based on these results.


Get a detailed analysis report of your keywords.

You may now examine the level of competition for any phrase using our skillfully devised methods of keyword analytics. You may quickly review the regional and worldwide search volume to go one step further. Moreover, you can find phrase matches and longer search terms incorporating your entered keyword. It helps you understand where your keyword is at.

Determine the complexity of a keyword and discover opportunities—lastly, access 18 mobile databases and 120 desktop databases.


Learn the importance of long-tail keywords

Long-tail and other auxiliary keywords can support your prime keywords, which are your “money keywords.” To create SEO blog topic ideas and landing page content that can help the parent keyword or keywords your site is trying to rank for, we use long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are frequently “how-to” or search-based keywords that invite you to address essential issues in your content. These keywords assist us in determining the kind of material and subjects your website must address to claim the top position on Google’s first page. Impactbnd claims that long-tail keyword searches have click-through rates of 3% to 5% greater than general searches.


Tracking, funnelling, and domain analytics​

In the future, we plan to provide Google Search Console-integrated solutions for keyword tracking services. We can discover secret keywords that SEO tools don’t have in their databases through keyword tracking and discover which keywords result in email subscribers or actual paying clients.

As a result, we will be able to develop an SEO plan that will bring you search traffic and help you turn it into paying clients. See a complete list of the top 100 keywords for any domain. Using keyword rankings, estimate the volume of organic traffic. Watch where any domain appears in the search results. Examine the intent of a domain’s keyword portfolio.


Learn more about your keyword gap

With us, you can quickly assess your position in relation to competitors to see who is performing better for the most popular keywords in your industry. You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by identifying keywords you aren’t ranking for and using them in your content. Also, you may add up to 5 domains for comparison using our complete tool.


Build an extensive keyword database.

You can evaluate and filter keywords based on search intent to gain a general notion about anything. Using one seed term and our keyword tool, you can get 20,000,000 keyword suggestions. You can also find long-tail keywords thanks to it. Also, you can view a keyword’s clickability.

Professional Keyword Research Services

For a practical SEO approach, our keyword research services offer a variety of long-tail keywords with low keyword difficulty (KD). They include bottom-of-the-funnel searches made by people actively looking to buy your goods, high search volume themes that will bring in 5-figure search traffic, and informational keywords that will establish your domain as a topical authority and expert in your industry. We will focus on several categories of relevant long-tail keywords with reasonable conversion rates. We will also supply keyword variations around important short-tail terms to assist you in growing your SEO content marketing process, as we have done for our previous clients, using tools driven by machine learning and detailed competition research.

Extensive Keyword List

Using machine learning and competitor research, you can discover relevant low-level keywords that your rival hasn’t yet targeted. Also, we’ll offer several keywords for various aims and objectives. They include the main phrases you want your site to rank for, long-tail informative queries for your blog entries, purchase intent for sale prices, landing pages, and purchase intent.


SEO Calendar

We’ll then develop an SEO content plan for blog articles and landing pages based on your budget and available resources that will enable you to increase your search traffic considerably. We use a pillar-and-cluster technique to reduce the time it takes for you to rank on search engine results pages and establish yourself as a subject-matter expert in your niches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keyword Research

What is keyword research

Keyword research refers to the process of finding, analyzing, and identifying the search terms that have search volume (I.e, terms people are actually searching.) Our SEO specialists use this research to develop intricate SEO campaigns and integrate these findings into efforts like link building, local SEO, on-page SEO, content, and more.

How does keyword research impact SEO

Keyword research is the basis of every SEO campaign. It helps you to identify the keywords with the highest search volumes, the ones your competitors are ranking for, the ones that you are already rank for, and the ones you need to rank for. With our help, you will be ranking for these terms in no time.

Keyword research is what allows us to create informed SEO campaigns for your business to help you get your rankings where you want them to be.

How long does keyword research take

The amount of time spent on keyword research is largely based on the volume of keywords in your niche, the size of your website, pages, and more. Every website and niche is different so there is no set answer, but when you work with us you can trust that our specialists will work their hardest to provide findings and results efficiently, and promptly.

We typically extend our keyword process to consult with you and ensure that the keywords we’ve identified make sense for your business model and intentions. Our SEO specialists also offer keyword analysis for ongoing updates and additional opportunities within a campaign.

How to do keyword research

We do keyword research by using SEO software that shows us the search volume of certain terms, and the keywords a website and its competitors are already ranking for. In addition, we do a manual search of ranking competitors and the keywords they are already ranking for. Keyword research is time-consuming but highly rewarding, which is why we offer professional keyword research services to help you streamline your SEO campaign.

What does keyword research cost

The cost of our keyword research services can be seen on our pricing list.

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